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AMSOIL Gun Oil and Protectant Synthetic

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AMSOIL Gun Oil Lubricant and Protectant

AMSOIL Firearm Lubricant and Protectant

Have you been looking for an alternative to regular gun oil? Most manufacturers of cars and engines are now coming with or recommending synthetic lubricants. If you are like most gun enthusiasts, you have a love and passion for ensuring that you are taking care of your equipment. AMSOIL is now offering a 100% synthetic gun oil to give your firearms the same kind of protection that car enthusiasts have come to expect from AMSOIL. As you can see in the test Data from the pictures below, AMSOIL Gun Oil is the best in synthetics for your guns and firearms. Don’t use Just any oil on your guns, Go with AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Lubricant and Protectant and you can enjoy for many years to come!

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AMSOIL Gun Oil offers Dependable Firearm Performance
Hunters and recreational shooters need their guns to perform when they need them, sometimes after an long periods of storage, after sitting for hours in a wet duck blind or while on a remote hunting trip with few opportunities to clean their gun daily. Since nothing will ruin a hunting trip or day at the firing range quicker than a non working firearm, AMSOIL firearm products were tested in a variety of firearms typically found at the range and in the field. The information gathered, along with extensive testing in the AMSOIL chemical lab, resulted in products dialed in for outstanding firearm protection in the most demanding conditions. As seen in the images below , AMSOIL firearm products guard against damaging corrosion, helping keep firearms working properly for generations.


  • Rifles
  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
    Safe to use on all metals, woods, composites and rubbers found in firearms.

AMSOIL Gun Oil Test for salt fog and humidity

AMSOIL Gun Oil for firearm test results

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AMSOIL Synthetic Firearm Lubricant (FLPBA)

  • Effectively lubricates and protects firearms, helping extend life and prevent blockage, jams and wear
  • Outstanding protection and performance in both hot and cold climates
  • Specifically formulated for firearms, offering superior performance


  1. Ensure firearm is unloaded.
  2. Shake well prior to use.
  3. Clean firearm prior to lubricant application per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. Apply evenly to all metal parts such as barrels, bolts, firing pins, springs and trigger mechanisms.
  5. Apply a thin layer to exterior surfaces of firearm.

AMSOIL Synthetic Firearm Lubricant is available in 4-ounce bottles.

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